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In This World, It's Easy To Fall -Rise Up

The day a baby boy is born into this world, his hope and future are a home reigned by spiritual death. Adam guaranteed it as he handed dominion of the world over to Satan in Genesis 3. In this fallen world, as an innocent young boy grows into a man, Satan tries to exploit every weakness he has to gain a stronger foothold over him. He crouches around every corner and uses every tool he has to keep a man from knowing and having a relationship with God. His temptation is extremely powerful as the deceiver can fool a man into justifying sin, just as he did with Adam and Eve.

As men, it is easy to fall into Satan’s trap. We are a unique gender and he knows it. We are wired since birth to hunt and kill, drive fast cars, go to war and fight battles, defend our turf, sire children, make tons of money, build the biggest things, win the most games, climb the highest mountains, cut the biggest deals, show no weaknesses, build walls and protect our families. We are wired to control our lives and put on a facade of power and strength to the world. Not only do we build walls up to protect our families, but we also build walls to hide our sins so no one will see. Our pride holds all of these things in, no matter how much we are hurting inside. And Pride . . . is Satan’s playground!

What sins are you hiding behind these walls you have worked so hard to build? Are you in despair over your current life? Have you reached rock bottom? What is inside of you that you don’t want the world to see? Lust? Lies? Pornography? The pursuit of Power? Money? Sexual addiction? Alcoholism? Drug Addiction? Anger? Fear? Control? Theft? Deceit? Adultery?

Do you know what’s amazing? God knew we would do this. He knew we would fill ourselves up with everything BUT Him and become slaves to Satan. That’s why he told Satan HIS plan. He was sending someone to the world. Someone who would die a bloody death for us and break our chains to all the things of Satan’s world. That, someone, was Jesus. When we have the conviction of our sin and the revelation of what his blood did for us, something changes inside. We grow in His Holy Spirit as we are filled with HIM and consider everything else worthless.

You, brother, are not alone in your situation. MPACT (Men Passionate About Christ) is a group of brothers that have been exactly where you are. We have filled ourselves up with these same things for years and years and they have gotten us nowhere. Only through the blood of Christ have we been able to overcome the chains that Satan used to keep us shackled.

MPACT is a ministry of brothers, connecting with other brothers, in the spirit of James 5:16 calling us to confess our sins to one another so we can heal. MPACT ministries' goal is to help break down these walls we have built around the sins that have held us captive for years. If you feel trapped by your sin. If you feel there is no one to turn to. If you are scared and feel all alone, please follow our ministry pages and come to our events and groups. Our prayer is you will discover the GRACE that Jesus provides for your imperfections so that you may grow in HIS light forever and that you will find a brother or two that you can turn to in your dark and confusing times to help you focus on God’s promise for you through Christ. We urge you to . . . FIND – THOSE – BROTHERS! Peace and prayer. -mpactmen

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