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Tune in with our worldwide audience to our two rapidly growing MPACT podcast series where we explore men's issues and our growth in Christ each week.  Both Podcasts can be found on your favorite podcast channel (Spotify, Spreaker, itunes, Apple Podcast, IHeart Radio, Youtube and many others)

The Cussin' Christians Podcast

Just ordinary guys sitting down and getting real about who we are as men and Christians in today's world.  Do you ever feel broken? Confused or burned by religion? Haunted by your past? Feel judged and condemned? Are you unsure of who you are as a Christian?

Brother… WE’VE EXPERIENCED THAT TOO! Join us as we get real and sometimes “raw” (PG13) as we talk about men and our identities in Christ. Don’t be misled by our name… CHRIST IS OUR FOCUS!

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The Grace for man Podcast

Join us each week as MPACT founder, Trey Etheridge, tells the stories of MPACT brothers around the world and how they've overcome and healed through Christ and a Godly brother next to them. He shares years of our brothers' stories of issues like addiction, porn, money problems, lust, success, temptation, parenting, being a husband and others with the hope that another man can relate, experience, receive and show grace in the best and the worst times of our lives.

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Would you like to join our brotherhood and share your experience or thoughts to our blog? Email us at

Getting Real

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