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February 24th - MPACT Warriors Breakfast - Viera Florida
"Forgiven and Free" - A tribute for Brevard county veterans
April 6th - CAV Men's Breakfast - Church at Viera
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May 2nd - 5th - Network 220 Convention- Richardson, TX

June 13 - The grace For the Family Experience- Melbourne
Join MPACT, Tim Tebow and CAVworship as we celebrate fathers and families.
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June 15th - Father's Day Men's Breakfast 
Details Coming April 15th

Past Events

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Book Trey
for your next event:


Want to know more about God’s grace? Or about being a Christian man in today’s world? Want to learn how we can overcome our past and moved forward with the boldness that God promised for his Children?


It would be my honor and delight to come speak at your event and share the experiences and revelations of grace of me and our brothers in Christ. 


Simply fill out the form below and submit it to get the ball rolling.

Thanks for submitting!


Does your church or organization have a need for men to come together, hear truth about God’s grace and mercy?  Do your men walk in the knowledge of who they truly are in Christ and that God is passionately in love with them as they are?  Do your men hide behind masks of insecurity for fear of others not loving them if they were transparent about their failures in life?  Do you have a past your haunted by that you feel God will never forgive you for; EVEN if you are saved?  Men with questions?  Concerns about salvation?  Sin?  Redemption and what Jesus truly did FOR them on the cross and TO them with His resurrection?

Then the MPACT “Grace For Man Conference” is a perfect event for you.  At Grace For Man, MPACT brothers take men on an introspective journey in Christ; discovering what God’s grace truly means and how we change the day we believed in Him.  Our speakers, enactments and breakout meetings challenge men to take off their masks and get real about who they are as men and who they are in Christ.

Check out a few testimonials:

  • “So biblical, so thought provoking, I’ve never seen 200 men peel back the layers and get real with each other.  So many men began the healing process this weekend, including me.”

  • “I’ve never heard the Gospel this way in my life.  My identity is Christ and nothing else.”

  • “My brothers can’t pick me up if they don’t know what my struggles are. Find those you feel safe enough to share them with.”

  • “I felt comfortable and safe enough to share things with people I didn’t know.  In fact, I’ve never prayed one on one with another man before.”

  • “I can’t do this on my own. I need help. I now have that 2am brother I can call.”

  • “God’s grace is sufficient.  Jesus and nothing else.”

  • “I’m finally discovering this ‘freedom in Christ’ I’ve been hearing so much about.”

  • “I’ve been programmed in legalism and moralism by religion. That’s not grace. The bible comes to life now reading through this lens of grace.”

  • “Grace is enough because He sustains me.  The most powerful gift . . .  EVER.”

  • “My wife is not, and will never be, my enemy.  My marriage will never be the same anymore because I will walk with a Grace Heartset”

  • “I was scared others would love me less if they knew the truth about me.  Not anymore. I feel free.”

  • “I will always show love to other men to help them drop their mask.”

  • “Even though we don’t feel perfect; Perfection indwells us. His Holy Spirit”

  • “God isn’t out to get us.”

  • “Grace neutralizes sin.”

  • "Grace is not an event. It’s a way of life.”

  • “I’m never alone. I have His Spirit and a body of brothers now.”

  • “I need a small group of men in my life to experience what I did today and to help me heal from the past. My eyes were opened in the breakout rooms; no more masks for me.”


If your church or organization would like to explore what an MPACT Grace For Man Conference can do for you; please send us an email using the button below.  Let’s set up a phone call to go over what your needs are so we can help change lives of men everywhere...  one at a time!

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