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MPACT Brotherhood

A friend admitted to me a horrible sin he committed as a teenager. I have to admit, it was awful. He said he had kept that sin bottled up for 40 years. He thought of it every day of his life, and it haunted him. My brother in Christ said he had always gone to church and was aware of what Jesus did for us, but my friend didn't think there was any way God would ever forgive him for what he had done. He had asked God for forgiveness every day, but his agony over what happened never eased. He said his lack of peace seemed to always lead to other adverse circumstances in his life as he drank, watched porn, and did other things to make him feel better. His wife caught him behind his computer one night, which led to even more problems.

My friend lived in bondage with this guilt all of his life because he didn't know what Jesus' blood did for him and what His resurrection did to him. That day began a process for my friend that's been amazing to watch. He had never considered the love of our God and what His Grace means. He had never thought about GOD living inside of him. He had never known what Jesus' blood meant for him and why. His confession to me, another living brother, began a process inside of him that's been inspiring to witness. That day, his revelation of Who Jesus is began. That day the revelation of who he is, as a child of God, also occurred. No, to his surprise, I didn't judge or condemn him. (He was a bit surprised I didn't.) Yes, he began to see God's unconditional grace and finally realized he was 100% forgiven, redeemed, and righteous. He had the righteousness of God himself. His NEW SELF was ready for an incredible journey of growing in this revelation, growing in the knowledge of WHO he really is as a believer. Now, he had a brother to share and grow with. He was no longer alone.

Why do so many Christians live as my friend did? As I used to? Why do we say we believe in Jesus but don't truly TRUST God with His promise? How many of us bury our sins in a little box deep inside of us that continually pop back up and make us doubt, and eventually sin again? How many of us say we trust our creator with everything, but will never let him open that box and give those sins and worries up to Him and believe that his blood really worked? Even in our sins, God's unconditional grace abounds more than anything we have ever done or will ever do? How many of us have the faith that we can look another brother in the eye and confess to Him (without return judgment and condemnation), and through prayer and the Holy Spirit, will begin a healing process that will free us eternally?

Brother or sister; if you're in pain because of your past sins, please find THAT person you can share with and find THAT person you can pray with. Find THAT person that knows their freedom is genuinely in Christ; and nothing else. Being a Christian is not a solo journey. Don't be fooled into thinking that you're all alone. FIND THAT PERSON, and let them be part of your pilgrimage. Know what God did. Know WHO you are, and... BE FREE!

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