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One Voice Can Make A Difference

Author: Trey

It did for me ten years ago as I was alone in my truck with a knife trying to decide which would be a quicker way to die. "Do I slit my wrists, or do I slit my throat?"

I was a man like many others with, what appeared to be, a great life, family, home, and job. Four friends of mine were the same, yet they all took their own lives, leaving loved ones with more questions than answers. Turns out, they had demons haunting them that no one knew about, just like me. Addiction, sexual sins, pornography, financial problems, etc.; we all have sinned. Then, we build walls around our hearts and put on masks to show the world our strengths and hide our weaknesses.

I could have been the fifth man from my community to give it all away. I had let Satan use my pride and became a prisoner to the image that I desperately tried to show the world. That night, in my truck, I got the call from above. I felt His presence and heard one simple question,

​"Who would watch my son play football on Friday?"

Instantly my phone rang; it was a good friend of mine. All he said was, "Hey buddy, where are you? I know what’s going on. We need you here back at home. Tell me where you are, and I'll come to pick you up. I really need to talk to you, but I can’t do that without you here with me."

I broke down and told all my issues to my friend, and a cleansing began to take place. I finally felt, through the Holy Spirit and my friend, I wasn’t alone anymore.

That was the day God truly touched my heart. I realized He was right there with me in the truck suffering from me. He was there all the time, listening. The thing is, I never genuinely looked for Him. I finally gained the revelation of WHO I was; a completely forgiven, unconditionally redeemed, absolutely loved, and wholeheartedly a righteous child of God. My identity would never be the same again from this day forth.

His Spirit touched me and made me realize that men don't talk enough. Most of us NEVER have REAL, DEEP, meaningful discussions about our deepest secrets and who we are as Christian men. When we do, it's a life-changing experience, and we grow into the Spiritual Leaders of our families and communities that God intended us to be.

God inspired me through my experience, and MPACT (Men Passionate About Christ) was the result. It did take 6 years of God tugging at my heart for me to finally get off the sidelines and get in the game. It took financial ruin, a broken marriage, strained relationships, and years of lost selfishness to finally get me to pull myself together and act on HIS calling.

MPACT started as four men openly confessing our sins (In the spirit of James 5) and telling our stories in my living room. We experienced revelation like never before and grew in our knowledge of WHO we are in Christ, resulting in healing of wounds buried for years and a renewed boldness in The Holy Spirit that we began sharing with others. Today, 4 years later, we touch hundreds of men through our weekly meetings and social media.

MPACT’s website and Facebook page are designed to inspire men, through the stories of others, to grow in their knowledge of WHO Christ is, and understand the power of His Grace for the imperfect man. We would love for you to join us and GET REAL with yourself and IN JESUS CHRIST. Peace and prayers brothers.

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