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The story behind "Break The Chains"

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It was December 7, 2022. I can't remember the exact time, but it was past midnight. I was next to my mother in her hospice room. I had sent my weary father home to sleep in his own bed. Man, that hospice couch that folds out to a bed was uncomfortable. After watching over Mom for a few hours, I needed a break. I went to the family break room for some coffee. As I entered the break room, a lady, who was taking a break from sitting with her dying grandmother, noticed my MPACT t-shirt. She pointed at me and said, "You're that guy who was on stage with Micah Tyler and Gary Miracle for the Walking Free in Grace Experience! I loved your message. When are you doing that again? I brought a group of friends from my church. We need more events like that to let people hear the gospel and your ministry's message of healing!" Needless to say, I was floored. She went on about her passion for her husband and men in our community to get plugged in with MPACT so they can heal and become the husbands, fathers, friends and spiritual leaders God created them to be. I went in and prayed with her over her grandmother. She then came in and prayed over my mom. She introduced me to her aunt and uncle, who just happened to be from my mother's and my hometown, Beaumont, Texas, and I realized . . . God was winking at me. The MPACT experience in 2022 with Micah Tyler and my friend Gary touched so many. It was a huge endeavor and took a toll to pull off. I swore I wasn't going to do it again. (I just don't have that much hair to lose anymore). But my new friend's story and testimony stirred something in me. Especially as we prayed over my mom. You see, Mom had been battling Alzheimer's Disease for 7 years. She really didn't have the mental capacity to understand how far our ministry had come and was accomplishing with men everywhere. But this night, only days before Mom went to be with Jesus, she had a front row seat to my interactions with my new friend and her family from our hometown. Yes, Mom was there while God was inspiring me to do something bigger than last year!

Mom passed away three days later. Just after her death, I began wondering if we could pull off something that would touch even more people than before. I prayed about an artist whose testimony was a reflection of MPACT Men's Ministry and our mission of overcoming our thorns through God's grace. Someone with a story to tell that would resonate with men, and women, everywhere. A story of hope, healing and redemption in Christ that would plant seeds with everyone in attendance. Well, God answered my prayer, and the answered prayer was . . . Zach Williams. His team heard our story and has been amazing to work with. I'd like to personally invite you to a special evening of worship, inspiration, motivation and revelation as we celebrate our Father, who we are as Christians and who HE says we truly are as His forgiven, holy and righteous children. Please bring the whole family and let's worship with an amazing man, Zach Williams, who lives his story In Christ through EVERY song he sings. Join us September 9th at the King Center in Melbourne, Fl as we Break the Chains Through Grace. There are still great seats available. But . . . Not as good as the seat that Mom will be watching from. Donna and I can't wait to see you in September. Thanks for believing in us and our mission of helping those everywhere discover grace, one man at a time! Peace and prayers to you all. Trey Etheridge Founder, MPACT Men's Ministries Inc.

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